Saturday, March 23, 2013


It seems like we just flipped the calendar from February winter weather to spring! It’s hard to believe that spring break has come and gone.  I know that we were all ready for a little break, and are back refreshed, and ready to continue on the path to success. Your kids have been working so hard since they returned and they too are recharged to move forward towards the last nine weeks. It is during this time of year that you really begin to see growth. Many of the skills that they have been learning since fall take root through daily practice. Kindergarteners are writing sentences with words you can read rather than the string of letters we see in the fall. First graders are so proud of being able to read big books and 2nd graders are reading chapter books. When I walk from kindergarten to fifth grade, I am always amazed at how much kids learn in six years. I often wonder what our world would be like if we all made similar academic growth every six years. It would be astounding!

 A rousing thank you for the support you each showed for our first Fine Arts Night. We are so fortunate to teach in such a great community. Next year, you can expect it to be bigger, and even better. 

I’d also like to extend gratitude for the many families who supported our popcorn fundraiser.  The participation truly exceeded our expectations.

This week, we celebrated our Young Leaders who were recognized by Reliant Energy as being outstanding citizens. 

In recognition of Texas Tobacco-Free Kids Day, your children all signed a pledge this week to remain tobacco-free.  Please be sure to have conversations with them from time to time, and remind them of the importance of making good decisions, even at the primary level.  Most importantly, please remember that as adults, we serve as models for them, so be sure that you are practicing what you preach.

As a committed lifelong learner, I usually take time each week to reflect on the challenges and celebrations of the week and decide the changes that I need to make to ensure that the week ahead is even more productive.  As I reflect today, I cannot help but think about the unexpected death of a friend of mine.  She was only 43 years old, and her passing this week was a shock to all who knew her.  In reflecting on all the great memories we shared together, I am reminded of how much she treasured and enjoyed spending time with her 14-year-old daughter.  They were inseparable. Recently, I heard someone who was severely injured comment on what she misses the most – hearing her children bickering in the backyard, watching the morning dew on flowers in the garden and pointing out the various bugs visible, laughing as she watched her son try to scale a wall at the park.  What’s the point?  It’s the simple things that we so often take for granted; the moments that if we do not stop to pay attention to, fleet by without us noticing.  So today and every day, I believe that the best way for me to honor her memory is to take a few minutes with my kids to "be in the moment", and I strongly encourage you to do the same.